Main Event

Green Flag For Salles

Gualter Salles in the tank

We owe Joe Giron a Bahama Mama. Ahem, we're talking about the preferred local cocktail, just to clarify. While darting around the room with arms full of camera gear, Joe was sharp enough to snag the details of a Gualter Salles double for us.

Salles and two other players took a {4-} {5-} {8-} flop, and Salles made a standard continuation bet. The young man behind him had just joined the table and he plunked out a big stack of blue raising chips, folding the monkey in the middle. Salles had a decision, though, sitting with about his starting stack in front of him and debating a call for his tournament life.

After a few minutes of agony in the tank, Salles made the call, and he was well in front with {A-} {A-}. Mr. Opponent tabled {K-} {4-}, and he couldn't improve on the turn or river.

Salles doubles up and then some, and he'll stack up about 60,000 chips now to put him back close to the chip average.

Chip stacks
Gualter Salles 60,000 30,000

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