Main Event

Marquez Smells Big Slick

Ana Marquez

Todd Terry raised with three yellow T1,000 chips in middle position, and Ana Marquez stuck in a three-bet from the blinds. It looked like 9,000, but Terry's response was an all-in shove for 49,000 total.

The move sent Marquez into the tank for a good while, but she would not call. "It smells like ace-king," she said pointing to her nose. She surrendered, and Terry dragged in a few more fighting chips. He started this Day 2 with 22,000, and he's increased that nearly threefold in the first two levels, almost enough for him to crack a smile about. But not quite.

Chip stacks
Ana Marquez es 78,000 10,000
Todd Terry us 60,000 8,000

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