Main Event

Gimbel Gaining Ground


With the table folding around to the button, a player we don't recognize opened the pot to 5,200. Harrison Gimbel was in the small blind, and he three-bet to 9,800, but the button popped it right back to 25,400 total. After studying for about a minute, Gimbel shoved in, and Mr. Button was put to the test for his last ~125,000 chips. He spent a few long minutes agonizing in the tank, then open-mucked his {A-Clubs} {J-Diamonds} to send the pot to Gimbel.

The 2010 champion of this event is doing quite well here on this Day 2, up now over the 300,000-chip mark.

Chip stacks
Harrison Gimbel us 305,000 40,000

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