Main Event

Reynolds Departs

William Reynolds

Under the gun, William Reynolds came in with a raise to 27,000, and Daniel Schmieding three-bet to 61,000 a couple seats over. Reynolds' response was an all-in shove for 211,000 total. Schmieding made the call for the majority of his own stack, and the cards were on their backs.

Reynolds: {A-Spades} {K-Diamonds}
Schmieding: {6-Clubs} {6-Diamonds}

"Oh boy," Reynolds said with an air of nervousness. "This is just silly." Flipping for nearly a chip-average pot is always fun with about 50 players left in the PCA, and Reynolds and Schmieding were both doing some shifting in their chairs in anticipation.

The {9-Diamonds} {4-Spades} {2-Spades} flop was a miss for the at-risk player, and Reynolds would not be able to get over the hump. The turn {Q-Clubs} was close but no cigar, and the river {3-Hearts} was a blank, too. Unable to improve his two overs, the curly blond-haired pro sighed and gathered his things for a trip to the cashier. His day is done, and Schmieding is back to 600,000 thanks to the sixes.

Chip stacks
Daniel Schmieding 600,000 243,000
William Reynolds us Ude

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