Main Event

Gregg Takes the Lead

Anthony Gregg has just taken the chip lead after busting Max Leonhard and moving up to 1.84 million in chips.

From under the gun, Leonhard opened to 26,000. Gregg made it 64,000 to go from the small blind and Leonhard called to see the {A-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} flop. Here, Gregg checked and Leonhard bet 100,000. Gregg made the call.

The turn card was the {10-Clubs} and Gregg checked again. Leonhard fired another bet and made it 200,000 to go. Gregg check-raised all in and Leonhard called off his last 85,000 or so.

Gregg tabled the {A-Spades}{K-Spades} for top pair, top kicker. Leonhard held the {A-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} for top pair, second best kicker. Leonhard was at risk and in need of a queen on the river.

The {J-Clubs} was not what Leonhard was looking for and he was eliminated by Gregg.

Gregg and the PCA have a little history. Back in 2009, Gregg made a very, very, very deep run in the PCA Main Event before eventually coming up just short of a win. He placed second to Poorya Nazari and earned himself $1.7 million.

Chip stacks
Anthony Gregg 1,840,000 680,000
Max Leonhard Ude

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