Main Event

Jaka Dented


It was the biggest pot we've seen yet, and it began with Lee Goldman opening under the gun. We missed that amount, but we saw his next-door neighbor Faraz Jaka three-bet to 157,000, and Goldman raised it right back to 330,000 total. After a minute or so of consideration, Jaka announced his all in, and Goldman snap-called for his last 1.371 million.

Goldman: {K-Hearts} {K-Spades}
Jaka: {A-Hearts} {K-Clubs}

Jaka never found an out on the {9-Hearts} {5-Spades} {Q-Hearts} {2-Spades} {J-Spades} board, and Goldman has thusly put a big dent in his stack. After the dust settled, Goldman stacked up close to 2.8 million chips, while Jaka drops all the way down to about 2.3 million and back into the pack a bit.

Chip stacks
Lee Goldman 2,800,000 1,200,000
Faraz Jaka us 2,300,000 -1,300,000

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