Main Event

Byron Kaverman Eliminated in 18th Place ($52,000)

Byron Kaverman - 18th place

Byron Kaverman raised to 80,000 from the hijack seat, and Martin Jacobson made it 165,000 from the cutoff. Kaverman decided a shove was in order, and he put his last ~900,000 chips across the line. Jacobson couldn't have called any faster, and that was likely not good news for Kaverman's {6-Diamonds} {6-Spades}. Indeed, the Swede tabled {A-Diamonds} {A-Clubs}, and he was five cards from the knockout.

The first four cards off were {J-Spades} {4-Clubs} {7-Spades} {8-Hearts}, and Kaverman had six outs to try and make the winning set or straight. The river was a board pair, though, and the {4-Spades} was the last card of his day. Kaverman is out in 18th place.

Chip stacks
Martin Jacobson se 2,650,000 900,000
Byron Kaverman us Ude

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