Main Event

Dibella Climbs to the Top


Phil D'Auteuil raised to 105,000 to lead the action, and Lee Goldman flatted on the button. From the small blind, John Dibella squeezed all in. Yep, he just went ahead and shoved it in there, and both D'Auteuil and Goldman decided this was not the spot to gamble for it all. They folded qiuckly, though Goldman looked a bit dissatisfied, and Dibella has moved into the chip lead with just shy of 3.5 million.

It's worth noting that nearly six hours into Day 5, nobody else has reached the 4-million chip mark that Faraz Jaka did yesterday evening. But 3.46 million is not too shabby for Mr. Dibella right now.

Chip stacks
John Dibella us 3,460,000 260,000

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