Main Event

Liu Back in Front

Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu opened the pot to 160,000 from the hijack, and Ruben Visser flatted from the button to go heads up.

The dealer spread out {K-Clubs} {2-Spades} {2-Hearts}, and Liu continued out with another 175,000. Visser called that bet, and another 285,000 when the {A-Hearts} turned, and the {6-Spades} filled out the board on the river. Liu pulled the hammer back and fired another 910,000 into the pot, and Visser paid it off with {A-Clubs} {Q-Spades}. It was no good.

The lady tabled her {A-Diamonds} {6-Hearts}, and three pair beats two pair in this spot. Visser is forced to pay off a big debt, dropping all the way back to 2.01 million. Liu, on the other hand, has snagged back the chip lead, and she should have about 5.9 million chips when she finishes stacking up.

Chip stacks
Xuan Liu ca 5,900,000 1,415,000
Ruben Visser nl 2,010,000 -1,115,000

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