Main Event

Ruben Visser Eliminated in 8th Place ($156,400)

Ruben Visser - 8th place

Kyle Julius was in early position with {A-Hearts} {Q-Diamonds}, and he opened the pot to 325,000. Over on the button, Ruben Visser peeked down at {6-Clubs} {6-Spades}, and that was good enough to three-bet shove for 865,000 total. When it came back to Julius, he made the quick call, and Visser was flipping for his tournament life.

The {Q-Clubs} {2-Spades} {K-Spades} flop was a disaster for the Dutchman as Julius flopped his pair to take a huge lead. He was two cards from the knockout, and the turn {7-Hearts} and river {8-Spades} were both close but no cigar.

Visser's sixes lose the race, and it's the final hand of his day. A bit frustrated, he wished the table luck and headed off to the cashier. He'll pick up $156,400 for his work this week, and hopefully that will be of some consolation.

Julius has squeaked back into the chip lead now with just shy of 8.5 million.

Chip stacks
Kyle Julius us 8,495,000 1,565,000
Ruben Visser nl Ude

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