Main Event

"The Best Cali Wine"

• Level 8: 300-600, 75 ante

We were walking around the tournament area when something odd caught our eye - every player at Table 23 has a glass of wine in front of them.

Bjorn Nordberg, a PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, is a self-proclaimed win connoisseur, and he was discussing wine with a player at the table. He then decided to buy a bottle of what he called, "the best Cali wine."

Unfortunately, before the wine came, his friend open-shipped and Nordberg woke up with kings. The Swede called, and eliminated the gentleman from the tournament, but Nordberg was still in the sharing mood. So, when the bottle of 2008 Ferrari Carano arrived, he ordered a glass for the other eight players.

Cheers, Table 23.

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