Main Event

A Pair of Canadians Lead For Day 4

Sergio Garcia

Good morning, and welcome back for Day 4 of the Caribbean Adventure. Over the weekend, 1,072 players turned up with $10,000 and a dream. More than a thousand of them have been sent off dissatisfied since then, and just 64 will return today with chips to unbag.

Atop the heap with his 1.472 million chips is Phil D'Auteuil, the young French-Canadian pro who you may remember from the EPT5 London final table. Right behind him is another Canadian, Sam Greenwood, who is, at least for now, the lesser known of the three Greenwood brothers. Four more players have joined the Canadians in the million-chip club, including Day 3's chip leader Faraz Jaka, Alex Fitzgerald, Anthony Gregg, and Kyle Julius.

The PokerStars family still has four players battling under their banner, and Luca Pagano is doing the best of the bunch. After a very active day at a tough table, Pagano managed to bag up 863,000 chips to put his name in the top ten. Germany's Jan Heitmann and America's Barry Greenstein are both hovering a bit below the chip average, and Arnaud Mattern has some work cut out for him. The Frenchman had his upward momentum dashed a few times over the course of Day 4, and he has a bottom-dwelling stack of 155,000 with which to mount a comeback. We wouldn't put it past him, though. Mattern was playing some good poker to finish 2011, and it seems he's due to "bink" something in the near future.

Other notables who'll be in the hunt today include David Peters, Bill Chen, Chris Klodnicki, Ruben Visser, Eddy Sabat, Erik Cajelais, and William Reynolds. We've also got one lady left standing, the charmingly Canadian Xuan Liu, and many would say she's due for a major tournament win as well.

Oh yeah, and the defending champ. Galen Hall won $2.3 million in this building last year, and he's already added more than a half-million with his third-place finish in the $100,000 Super High Roller event over the weekend. He'll be short on chips to begin the day, but we'd be fools to count him out now.

One more notable. Sergio Garcia knows his way around a golf tournament, and the pro iron swinger is turning some heads this week on the felt, too. Garcia has been steadily increasing his stack all week long, and he's still in the hunt with 235,000 chips to start this Day 4.

We're about 20 minutes away from our scheduled starting time, so don't wander away on us! We'll play down to 24 players today, and the cards will be in the air shortly.