Super High Roller

Katchalov Tank-Folds


Eugene Katchalov raised to 3,500 on the button and was called by Justin Smith in the small blind and Alexey Repik in the big blind.

The flop fell {10-Hearts}{8-Spades}{3-Hearts} and the blinds checked to Katchalov. The Team PokerStars Pro bet 7,000, but saw Smith pop it to 20,000. Repik folded, Katchalov called, and the {J-Spades} hit the turn. Smith bet 35,000, but Katchalov came along to see the {2-Spades} river.

Smith took a few moments before announcing all in, sending Katchalov into the tank. About four minutes passed before he opted to give it up.

Chip stacks
365,000 43,500
165,000 -58,300

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