Super High Roller

Perkins Needs a New Stack


Galen Hall opened the pot with a raise, and Bill Perkins called right next door. One more seat over, Chance Kornuth squeezed in a three-bet to 15,000 total, and now only Perkins came along to see a heads-up flop.

It came {A-Diamonds} {5-Hearts} {4-Diamonds}, and Perkins check-raised Kornuth's continuation bet. Kornuth called the raise, and Perkins shoved in for more than 100,000 after the {4-Clubs} turn. The two men were pretty close in chips, but Koruth had the slightly covering stack, and he made the call to put Perkins at risk.

Perkins: {9-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds}
Kornuth: {A-Hearts} {J-Hearts}

Perkins was on the draw with his diamonds, and Kornuth needed to fade the nine outs once to earn the knockout.

River: {6-Spades}.

Black cards are always nice when you're fading diamonds, and that river locked up the pot for Kornuth. Out of chips, Perkins has rummaged through his wallet and found another $98,500. He's currently re-entering, but his seat has been taken by another player in the meantime, so he'll have a new home once he returns.

Chip stacks
Chance Kornuth us 420,000 155,000
Bill Perkins us Ude

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