Super High Roller

Seidel Tries But Can't


Scott Seiver raised the button to 13,000, and Erik Seidel called from the big blind. The two of them took a {9-Hearts} {8-Diamonds} {6-Spades} flop, and Seidel check-called a bet of 25,000.

The {10-Diamonds} made things interesting on fourth street, and now Seidel led out with a bet of 40,000. Seiver peered up at Seidel from under his eyebrows, taking pause for a minute or so before calling the bet.

The {Q-Hearts} river scared Seidel enough to check it over once again, and Seiver took his cue to make the bet of 60,000. Now it was Seidel who flashed a pensive look for a bit, and he gazed down at the board for a while before surrendering his cards into the muck.

Chip stacks
Erik Seidel us 675,000 -78,000
Scott Seiver us 425,000 60,000

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