Super High Roller

Shak Raises and Shoves


Under the gun, Dan Shak opened to 50,000, and Daniel Negreanu made the call around on the button. In the small blind, Jonathan Duhamel began stacking out reraising chips, and he made it a total of 188,000 to send the decision back to Shak.

After a minute or so of contemplation, Shak announced an all-in shove for 1.044 million total.

"Mmm-k, nevermind," Negreanu said as he hastily mucked.

Duhamel spent a couple minutes in the tank, but he was ultimately unwilling to call. He let Shak have it, and the two men have swapped spots in the counts.

Chip stacks
Dan Shak us 1,323,000 253,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca 1,135,000 -195,000

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