Super High Roller

Blom Keeps it Cautious

[user66118] • Level 16: 15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante
Viktor Blom

It's clear from the play over the past three days that we're dealing with a new and improved Isildur1 here this year in the Bahamas. His live tournament game has clearly gotten some work, and he's added a dose of common sense to balance out the unrelenting aggression we had previously gotten used to.

That new, more tame Viktor Blom just opened to 75,000 from the button, but he slowed right down when Dan Shak defended his big blind. Blom checked back on the {Q-Spades} {10-Diamonds} {5-Spades} flop, then quickly and quietly folded to Shak's bet on the {K-Hearts} turn.

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