Event #12: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em

A Couple of Tasty Looking Tables

• Level 6: 150-300, 0 ante

With 224 players remaining in this event, some of the tables are becoming laden with top professional players.

Once such table is the home to Jamie Rosen, Mohsin Charania, Darryll Fish, Jonathan Aguiar and James Woods.

Another sees Sorel Mizzi, British grinder Kevin Allen, John Racener and Olivier Busquet locking horns.

Racener was all-in a couple of minutes ago, but his shove went uncalled. Racener opened to 600 from middle position, the button reraised to 1,250 only to see Racener four-bet all-in for 4,050 in total. The button went into the tank for close to a minute - all the while under the watchful gaze of Racener - before eventually folding.

Chip stacks
Olivier Busquet us 11,400 11,400
Jonathan Aguiar us 8,150 -2,850
Kevin Allen gb 7,500 -1,700
Darryll Fish us 7,400 4,500
Sorel Mizzi ca 6,700 -600
John Racener us 5,800 5,800
James Woods us 5,200 1,100
Mohsin Charania us 4,700 -100
Jamie Rosen us 3,150 3,150

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