Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Jake Cody Eliminated in 7th Place (€150,000)

• Level 26: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Jake Cody bust out in 7th place

Hand #80: Chris Moorman had the button and made this pot quite exciting. It was Shawn Buchanan who entered the pot first, from the hijack. He raised to 110,000 and next to act was Moritz Kranich in the cutoff and he three-bet to 255,000. Chris Moorman appraised the situation with a little bit more interest than your standard folder before four-betting to 515,000. One by one everyone folded and Moorman won the pot.

Hand #81: Brian Roberts had the button, but it was Jake Cody who raised to 100,000 in first position. Four players folded before Elio Fox had a little think from the small blind. Fox made his standard pose - clenched hands in front of the face while he stared straight across the room - and when he had finished thinking he three-bet to 330,000 and returned to his pose. Action on to the Triple Crown winner and he folded, handing Fox the pot.

Hand #82: Elio Fox had the button, but it was Brian Roberts who raised from the cutoff and the action folded around to Dermot Blain in the small blind. Blain moved all-in and Roberts asked for a count. It was 865,000 and Roberts decided to fold.

Hand #83: Dermot Blain was holding the button. Chris Moorman entered the pot first with a bet of 110,000 and he took down the blinds and antes.

Hand #84: Jake Cody was on the button, but it was Elio Fox who raised to 110,000 in the hijack. Cody had a decision to make and he decided to three-bet to 260,000. Action back to Fox and he went into his deep stack for chips and brought 600,000 of them out to play and moved them over the line. All the while Cody did not take his eyes off Fox before returning to his own stack where he counted some chips before saying, "all-in" and Fox called instantly. When the hands were turned over Cody couldn't have wished for a better spot in this seven-million chip pot!


Cody{J-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}
Fox{10-Hearts} {10-Clubs}

"Jack!" Shouted Jesse May from the rail.

Flop: {8-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {6-Hearts}

Still Cody had the lead but he did not want to see a nine or a ten.

Turn: {9-Hearts}

"F&%^**g Hell!" Came a curse from the rail.

River: {6-Spades}

Cody stood up and shook the hand of Fox before heading away from the table. Tough luck for our Triple Crown winner and we are now down to six players.

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