Week in Review: Midway Poker Tour Controversy

Sarah Herring, Chad Holloway and Jeff Platt discuss the Midway Poker Tour Controversy where Chad had a front-row seat. They discuss PokerStars Pennsylvania and Zach Grunberg crushing that series. Plus Polk and Negreanu finally agree to match terms. Update on Galfond Challenge and more!

02:30 | Midway Poker Tour Disaster: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2020/10/inaugural-midway-poker-tour-marred-by-payout-controversy-38063.htm
33:35 | Who Won the Books from D & B Publishing Amanda Botfeld ‘A Girl’s Guide to Poker’
40:00 | Zach Grunberg ‘KennytheRipper'
41:30 I Why he mostly plays on Pokerstars.pa
42:15 | Where did ‘KennyTheRipper’ Come from?
44:10 | Winning 3 Tourneys in two weeks
46:30 | PokerStars.pa Main Events
48:00 | Polk and Negreanu Reach Agreement
50:00 | Galfond Challenge
51:30 | Run it Once
52:12 | The NJCoop
53:45 I Galfond v Kornuth
55:00 | Run it Once
55:24 I Oddschecker

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